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WordPress Support

Too busy running your business? Our Website support will ensure your website is secured, up to date, and patched. Bonus, you'll get premium plugins included!
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Outages Cost Money, Customers, & Reputation

WordPress Support

38% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system, and because of this, it’s frequently being targeted by hackers, malware, etc. By not keeping your website software (themes, plugins, WordPress core, etc.) up to date, you will expose your site to security risks, which can result in website downtime.

While we can't guarantee a completely 100% secure site (don’t be fooled, no one else can either), but by keeping your website up to date, hardening your website (implementing WordPress security best practices) , providing a cloud firewall, and continuously scanning and monitoring your site, you’re well on your way to breathing a bit easier.

WordPress Support Plans Features

WordPress Security

Using Premium plugins, endpoint firewall, and security best practices.

Weekly Updates

We updated your WP core files, plugins, and themes weekly.

2-Factor Authentication

Added layer of security. We'll implement 2FA. A code will be sent to your mobile device to log in.

Weekly Reports

We'll send weekly reports so you'll know what's occurred on your site.

Speed Optimization

Speed up your website guaranteed with Hummingbird and Smush Pro.

Uptime Monitoring

We'll know if there is a problem with your website within seconds.

Custom Login URL

We can change your WP login URL. Bots and hackers won't find your login page so easily.

Access To Premium Plugins

Get access to more premium plugins to use on your site.

Unlimited Web Edits

Unlimited web edits & support when you need it. We're here for you!

Cloud Backups

Rest assured, your website will be backed up in the cloud daily.

Weekly Optimization

Daily cleaning of table overhead in your WP database to keep your website running at top speed.

Malware Scanning

Auto scan for malware, malicious code, and potential back doors.

Get 1 Month Free On Our WP Support

Select & Pay Yearly Below
1 month free
Daily backups
Updates to WP core & plugins
Weekly & monthly reports
$99 /month $91.66 / mo.
Priority Plus
Same as Priority Plan
Managed WordPress Hosting

$199 /month $183.32 / mo.
All-In-One Website
Same as Performance Plan
Dedicated cloud server
Annual website redesign
$300 /month $250.00 / mo.
Daily backups
Updates to WP core & plugins
Weekly & monthly reports
save & pay yearly instead $99.99 / mo.
Priority Plus
Same as Priority Plan
Managed WordPress Hosting

save & pay yearly instead $199.99 / mo.
All Inclusive
Same as Performance Plan
Dedicated cloud server
Annual website redesign
save & pay yearly instead $300.00 / mo.

FAQ's for 1 Day WordPress Websites

Are your unlimited web edits really unlimited?

They are! We get a lot of questions regarding this. It is unlimited when it comes to the web edits we provide. Just sign up to our Support plans and we'll have you covered.

What is and isn't included with unlimited edits?


Edit to content, CSS adjustments, plugin/theme settings.

Requests like making quick CSS adjustments, changing to a new logo you have provided, adding an fly-in opt-in to your site, and adding a new WooCommerce product to your store are included.

Not included:

Custom development (plugins, themes, php, etc.), graphic design, building out a new website, or PSD to WordPress conversions.

Requests such as creating or editing a new logo, creating custom WordPress pages like a custom WooCommerce checkout or customer dashboard, or integrations with other third party services are not included.

We are always happy to help. What is not included is covered by our hourly work or a retainer plan.

What if I have more than one website that need to be managed?

Each of our support plans cover one single domain or sub-domain only (,, etc). If you have 2 websites that need to be manage, you'll need to purchase 2 support plans, one for each. You can choose choose different plans for each website.

Does it matter where I host my website?

It doesn't matter. We'll work with your website no matter where it is hosted. We understand different websites have different needs bound by realistic budgets. We wont always be able to improve website speed for customers who need it when they’re running on a very slow shared server, so in that case we will recommend an upgrade.

If you are in the market for a fully managed, no-headache hosting partner, take a look at our hosting plans that include some of the premium plugins and themes in the price saving your money. Take advantage of our free migrations

What are the premium plugins included with your support plans?

Security Plugins

Defender Pro
iThemes Security Pro ($297 value)
Snapshot Pro or iThemes BackupBuddy (backups)
iThemes BackupBuddy Pro (backups)

Performance Optimization Plugins

Hummingbird Pro
WP Smush Pro (image compression)
WP Rocket ($199 value): a premium caching plugin that speeds up the loading time of your site.


WPPageBuilder Framework
BeaverBuilder Theme


Video User Manuals ($240 value): You'll have unrestricted access to 100+ WordPress how-to videos in your dashboard.

Many Others

Beaver Builder page builder
Beaver Builder themer
SEO Press or SmartCrawl (SEO)
Forminator (form and Poll plugin)
Hustle (email marketing)
Elementor Pro
WP PageBuilder
and many more...

Do you offer custom development?

Yes we do, we are happy to help. It is additional to any of our support or hosting plans. Any custom works requests (small to large projects) that are not in scope with our support plans will require a custom work order.

Custom development is discounted with any of our support plans at $100/hr (normally $120/hr).
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