One Day WordPress Website Guide

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1. Overview

Thank you for scheduling your appointment with us!  Before we start building your website, please take the time to fill out our website prep guide. We created this to guide to prepare you for your One Day WordPress Website and to make the build process smooth.

This is not one of those long, hard to read, or boring guides. There are about 10 + empty pages that are meant for you to submit your website content. It should only take you about 15 minutes or less to read through this guide.  Here's a quick overview of what you'll need to make this a successful project:

Website Content

The most important piece. We'll need content for all pages. Can't get this done in time? Learn more.

Login information

We'll need your logins for Google Analytics, MailChimp or other newsletter service you'll use.

Hosting with us?

We'll need your domain registrar login information to redirect your site to our servers.

Blog articles content and images

Please provide your blog post content and images (10 max. total).

Branding (logos, styles, and color)

If you don't already have these, we can help prepare them for you.

Are you happy with your hosting?

Please provide logins for your host, and WordPress website.

Images and icons

Please send us the images and icons you plan on using. Don't have these? We can help.

Website layout preferences

Right sidebar, no sidebar? Send us examples of other sites you like. No idea, we can help you out.

Social Media

If you'll be using social media with your website, please provide those links and logins.

2. Design and Strategy

Take a look at the questions below and let us know what your vision is for your new site, and we’ll build you an amazing, functional, WordPress website. The information you’ll be providing below will help us set the right tone, visually, for your website.
  • What will be the goal of your website?
    Are you trying to capture email, customer leads via a form, selling a product or service.
  • Tell us about your target audience.
    Are you targeting a certain age group?  Are they male or female?  Businesses or individuals?  A specific location?  Are they in a specific industry or position (i.e. doctors, lawyers, artists, etc.)?
  • Describe your ideal website, or share links of some website you like and what it is you like about them.
  • What do you want your website visitor to feel when they visit your website?
  • Do you know what fonts, color scheme, or patterns you would like to use?
    Include font names for headings and paragraph text. Keep your color scheme and font styles simple. Too many colors or font styles will distract users from your goal. (3-5 colors max, and 3 font styles max)
  • Will users be able to log into your website?
  • Do you have any other design preference?
    Do you like a specific layout, right sidebar or left or none, use of gradients, etc.

3. Website Content

This is the most important part of any website. We prefer that you have your website content complete for all pages in your website build with us. Designing around content is always best and produces the best results. We do understand that circumstances arise in that you may not be able to deliver your content before our appointment date. If this is the case, we can provide filler content for your website during the build in which you can update later very easily using our Page Builder and front-end editor.

We will setup a site where you can upload this guide, your website content, logos, images, login information, etc. We’ll send you the site info after you sign up.

Is this project a redesign of your current website?

If so, just tell us what content for which pages you'd like to use, or if all the content will remain the same for all pages.  There will be no need for you to deliver content to us since we'll be able to copy the content from your current site.

Is this a new website project?  Please provide us with the following:

  • Sitemap (list of all pages for your website).
    Provide a list of all pages for your website; Home, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, Blog, Our Team, Shop, Account, Contact, etc.  This will help us in creating your main navigation.  Please clearly show any page that is a subpage of another.
  • Homepage
    Your homepage is the most important page.  It's where your prospective customers or visitors usually first land.  This is where we'll spend most of our time designing and optimizing.  Here are some sections you can and maybe should include on your homepage:
    • At least on large good quality image (please provide more than one) for banner image or image slider
    • A headline
    • A call to action (a headline, short descriptive information, and a button)
    • Features (what is your company/or you as an individual known for?)
    • Short description of services
    • Testimonials
    • Latest project or portfolio (maybe a whitepaper)
    • A list of clients worked with
    • Latest news or blog posts (list or carousel)
  • About us page
    You about page should have a brief history and description of you or your company.  How your company started (when was it established or founded), who founded it, what problem you are solving (the why), for who or what industry, and what your process is?  You can also include a Meet the Team section, Testimonials, Awards won, Company Mission/Statement/Motto, and a brief section on services or products you offer.
  • Contact page
    Will you have a contact form for your website visitors to fill out?
    If yes, send us the information you will want to capture for your website visitors (i.e. Name, Email, Phone, Business, Service interested in, Message, etc.).Also, please provide your contact email, phone, address and any other contact information (social links) you would like to display.
    • Email
    • Address & telephone
    • Business hours
    • Google map
    • Skpe, or other
    • Your social links
  • Services/Product Page
    This page should contain brief information of your products or services. You can also add testimonials about how your products or services have helped your customers.
  • Misc. Pages
    Provide clear information, high-quality images, and make sure the pages flow in the direction you want you visitors to follow.
  • Blog Posts (Limit 5 for 1-day website)
    If you will be submitting blog posts, please add your blog content and images you would like us to use.
  • Logos and other images
    Please make sure you follow these guidelines when you provide us your logo (Don’t have a logo?  Get in touch with us, we can help):
    • Send us your high-resolution logo file
    • Make sure your logo has a transparent background
    • Provide us an alternate logo (one that can be used with a dark background and one that can be use with a light background)
    • Please send us your logo file in either of these formats; .svg, .png, .psd, .eps, .pdf.

4. Login Information

Please provide your login information for the services/accounts below. If you currently have a website, provide the following info:

  • WordPress website
  • CPanel (if you use this)

If you will be hosting your WordPress website with us, provide the following:

  • Domain registrar

Email marketing and Google Analytics:

  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics

Social media:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Others

5. You're Done, Here's What's Next

Upload your guide along with any logos, pictures, icons, etc. to your designated drop-off location. We'll review all information and communicate back to you on any outstanding information needed or it we're all set to proceed.

On your build date, please make sure you are available for any questions we may have for your concerning your website. We will set up quick checkpoint meetings so you can track progress and our designer can get any approvals needed to proceed.

Once completed, your website will be deployed onto our servers or yours. You'll also get free website support for one month after completion date. If you'd like to continue with support & maintenance for your website, please sign up for one of our WordPress Support plans.

6. Your Content Page Sumbissions

6.1 Home Page

Banner Information Would you like an image slider for the Banner?
  • Image/s you would like to use?
  • Banner tag line or catch phase?
Remaining Home Page Content For example, Testimonials section: add testimonials you’ll provide, Companies worked with: provide images of companies worked with…, etc.

6.2 About Us Page

6.3 Services Page

6.4 Portfolio Page

6.5 Blog

Use a sidebar or no sidebar? Content for sidebar?

6.6 Contact Page

If using, please provide business address, phone numbers, email, and hours of operation? If using a map, please provide the address or gps coordinates? For the contact form, provide data you wish you capture?

6.7 Misc. Pages

7. Blog Articles/Posts

For this 1-day WordPress website build, you have a limit of 5 new blog posts you can add. Any existing blog posts you have on your current WordPress website, we can export and import on your new website. If you currently don’t use WordPress, we’ll take a look and advise the best option for converting your blog posts to WordPress blog posts. Please include the content for up to 5 new blog articles.  For each blog articles, include the following:
  1. Blog title
  2. Blog excerpt (can be the first 50 characters of your blog post or more, whatever makes sense when reading it)
  3. Blog title (SEO - can be the same as above)
  4. Blog keywords (SEO)
  5. Short blog description (SEO)
  6. Blog content
  7. Blog images (if any) including the feature image (the main image to use for the blog article)
Numbers 1, 6, and 7 are required.  The rest are optional, and we can help you with those if needed.
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